Take your surfing to the next level with this skim-style board that spins on a dime. The Pfish is designed to be forgiving, stable and shred the wake with ease. The large EVA pad is thick grooved to provide excellent foothold, and the fins are placed to give the rider exceptional control. Ideal for those who are looking to step up their skills, the Pfish is a master for tricks and will allow you to nail whatever move you had up your sleeve.

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PFISH is a really fun wakesurf board for any rider, beginner to advanced. The full shape and fish tail setup is forgiving and gives beginners an easy platform to learn the glide. Advanced riders will find it a nice stable board that shreds and cops air with ease. The extra thick grooved EVA deck has a big kicker and provides excellent foothold. Our test riders have liked it better than boards that sell at twice the price. PFISH is 49” x 21” x 7/8”, has 2 fins and is for riders up to 175 lbs. You’ll be doing air reverses and shove-its in no time!



  • Board Type: Wakesurfer
  • Size 1: 49” x 21” x 7/8”

Airhead Tabla de Skim Wakesurf Pfish 49"



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